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Execute Your Game IDEa!

Double Dash Studios is always looking for great partnerships and co-production opportunities, working with popular IPs, as well as making original games for companies and our own IPs. 

We have 8+ years of experience creating games and working with many different partners has made us very experienced in managing different teams and projects.

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25+ developed projects

21+ amazing people making games

8+ years of experience

The services we offer

Unity 3D

We have extensive knowledge and experience with Engine Unity 3D, having developed and published several games for platforms such as PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Mobile (Android and iOS) and consoles (Nintendo Switch)


In recent years we have expanded our knowledge in Unreal, having developed and published games for PC (Windows) and Mobile (Android)


We specialize in the creation of  HTML 5 hybrid games (PC/mobile) using different Engines (Construct, Creator Cocos and Unity 3D) accordingly to the project demand


We are authorized developers of the 3 main console manufacturers (Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox). Which allow us create and publish games for these platforms.

Who worked with us

recognition and awards

let's Work Together

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