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About US

Double Dash Studios, founded in 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a game development studio on a mission to create games that forge bonds. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, the studio has successfully completed 25 projects and boasts a talented team of 21 professionals.


​25+ developed projects

21+ amazing people making games

8+ years of experience

Specializing in both work-for-hire and original IPs, Double Dash has collaborated with renowned names like Cartoon Network on projects such as "Tom & Jerry" and "Ben 10." The studio has also launched standout titles like "Sky Racket," which was featured by Nintendo in their 2020 Indie World showcase, and "Irmão do Jorel e o Jogo mais Importante da Galáxia," developed in partnership with Copa Studio, based on one of the largest animation franchises in Latin America. In 2023, the studio was awarded the Epic Mega Grant for the development of a new original game prototype. At Double Dash Studios, our core mission is to "Make games that create bonds."

Our Team

Today our team is composed of professionals from various areas, supporting us technically throughout the creative and productive process in game development. Meet some of them.

sobre Kim

Kim Kaznowski is a vital part of Double Dash Studios, boasting over 8 years of expertise in Unity and Unreal. Leading the team through more than 25 successful projects, including collaborations with renowned partners, Kim prioritizes both product quality and team well-being. He also co-founded RING, the Rio de Janeiro Developers Association, actively supporting the growth of the game industry. Kim has served as the director of the game Sky Racket and producer of the game Irmão do Jorel and the Most Important Game in the Galaxy.

Kim Kaznowski

CEO & Producer

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